So, what’s new? Our CoolPlug and CooLinkHub Split and Multi-split integration solution is now compatible with Hitachi Split HVAC systems. Why is it important? The Split systems are representing 80% of all HVAC systems installed worldwide. That is a lot! Especially given the fact that Split and Inverter-based HVACs are gaining popularity. How to Connect? Split systems (and Multi-splits) are combined of indoor and outdoor units and operates similarly to the VRF. Your control panel needs to control only the indoor unit (more tips on HVAC integration available here: To make it simple: Split Mitsubishi Heavy HVAC works with Home Automation Your aim is basically to connect one single CoolPlug to one indoor unit. Next step is to connect all the CoolPlugs to CooLinkHub. One CooLinkHub is designed to be connected to 10 CoolPlugs. See here how its done. Compatibility Check your HVAC system manufacturer brand and system type to see if the system is compatible with our CoolPlug here:

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