CoolPlug + CooLinkHub

Multi-Split and Split HVAC Integration & Control Solution

Product Description

CoolPlug and CooLinkHub are CoolAutomation solution to help you remotely access and control Multi-split and split air conditioning systems. The solution enables simple integration with Home Automation and Smart Home devices.

The solution supports HVAC professionals striving to deliver a great customer experience and Home Automation integrators needing to save time on complex HVAC integration.

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Home Automation professional?

Does your integration project specify a Multi-split or a split (inverter-based) air conditioning installation which needs to be connected to your Home Automation/Smart Home?


If the answer is yes, then the CoolPlug and CooLinkHub system offer a cost-effective universal solution for you.

HVAC professional?

We have developed an app that allows you and your customers to remotely control and access your Multi-split and split air conditioning system. Even when the AC units, installed on the premises, have been manufactured by different companies. Even if the units are of a different type: ducted, wall mounted or cassettes.

Installing an HVAC with our devices will allow you to access the system remotely and your customers will have full control over all the HVAC units they own.  

How does it work?

The solution combines two key elements: CoolPlug, a device that easily connects to the indoor unit and CooLinkHub that links all CoolPlugs together, providing connectivity to the relevant channels (Ethernet (TCP-IP), RS232, Modbus, and KNX). As a result, you can connect to any Home Automation system, as well as take advantage of our cloud-based CoolRemote app.

New: Wireless CoolPlug, eliminates the need in wiring CoolPlugs and CoolinkHub and significantly simplifies split HVAC integration for existing installations and retrofit projects.

How to connect?

We suggest consulting our quick installation guide, found below on this webpage, to understand the process, but essentially it involves three simple steps:

  1. Connect CoolPlug(s) to indoor units
  2. Connect CoolPlug(s) to CooLinkHub
  3. Connect CooLinkHub to router or to Home Automation central controller

CoolPlug Connectivity

CoolPlug HVAC Split connectivity diagram
  1. Home Button
  2. Status LEDs (x3)
  3. USB Device Port
  4. PBUS
  5. HVAC Port
  6. Sensor connector

CooLinkHub Connectivity

  1. RS232
  2. I/O
  3. VDC
  4. RS485 (PBUS/MODBUS A/B)
  5. I/F
  6. Ethernet Port
  7. Display
  8. USB Device Port


Outdoor Unit Types

  • ERLQ3
  • ERHQ3

Split / Multi Split / SkyAir Outdoors

  • RZQ (RZR)
  • RQ
  • RXRY

Indoor Unit Types

  • FXCQ
  • FXNQ
  • FXLQ
  • FXFQ
  • FXKQ
  • FXZQ
  • FXDQ
  • FXSQ
  • FXAQ
  • FXUQ
  • FXMQ
  • FXHQ
  • FXTQ
  • FQDP
  • FQSP
  • FXDp
  • EHSX3
  • EHVX3
  • EHVA3
  • EHBH3
  • EHBX3

Split / Multi Split / SkyAir indoors

  • FDX2
  • CDX2
  • FTX2
  • FFQ1
  • FAQ1
  • FBQ1
  • FCQ1
  • FHQ
  • FTQ1
  • FDQ1

  • ASBG
  • ASYA
  • ASYG
  • ASYB
  • ASYE
  • ARYF
  • ARYG
  • ARYA
  • ARXA
  • ARYC
  • ARXC
  • ARXB
  • AUYG
  • AUYF
  • AUYA
  • AUXB
  • AUXD
  • AUXA
  • AGYF
  • AGYG
  • ABYG
  • ABYF
  • ABYA

  • RCI
  • RPC
  • RPFI
  • RCD
  • RPK
  • RPI
  • RPF

Please contact for detailed compatibility 

Indoor Unit Types

  • PKFY
  • PEFY
  • PCA
  • PEA-RP
  • SEZ
  • SLZ

Please contact for detailed compatibility

Please contact for detailed compatibility <a href=”[CoolPlug Panasonic Compatibility]”></a>

Please contact for detailed compatibility <a href=”[CoolPlug Sanyo Compatibility]”></a>

Please contact for detailed compatibility <a href=”[CoolPlug Toshiba Compatibility]”></a>

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