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CoolAutomation offers broad solutions for HVAC automation, including various controllers for HVAC systems. These allow for seamless integration of HVAC systems with home automation.
CoolAutomation provides a 360˚ experience for HVAC automation for all HVAC systems.

We have enhanced our offering beyond connecting VRF and Split systems, and we are complementing it by adding a variety of controllers for non-VRF HVAC systems, such as heat pumps, fan coils, rooftop & packaged units, chillers, on/off controllers and analog & digital external sensors.

These smart devices provide a complete view of all the systems that are installed on-site, enabling the systems to be remotely managed, diagnosed, serviced, and controlled through CoolAutomation’s cloud solutions.

Once connected to the CoolAutomation devices, these controllers also allow for seamless integration into Home Automation systems.

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