Control App

Control App

Take Control of Indoor Climate

Remote Control App is an intelligent control application, perfect for users who are looking to remotely control, schedule, and manage their HVAC

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real-time communication

Remote Control App Provides system status and confirmation that commands sent have been executed


Support Simplified

Remote Control App enables users to obtain system status detials for malfuntions and errors which can be provided to technicians and service providers for more efficient and effective service calls.

How Does It Work?

Remote Control Application is an intuitive and easy-to-use application for any platform, it is accessed through the installation of CoolMasterNet, CoolPlug, or CooLinkBridge, and provides remote access to any connected indoor climate system


Remote access for all system functions

Remote access for all system functions

Remote access for all system functions from
anywhere in the world, including: Setpoints,
Modes, Fan Speeds, Louver Control
usage reports

usage reports

Recieve AI-based predictive notifications
to keep the HVAC system running
efficiently and smoothly


Set custom schedules to omtimize
the use of the HVAC unit
Error codes

Error codes

provides real-time notifications for errors
and malfunctions of the HVAC unit to more
efficiently have them fixed


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