We are happy to share that we have expanded our CoolPlug solution offering to fully support the Midea VRF V6 and V8 models, ensuring your projects can seamlessly integrate with these latest units by Midea.

Connecting to the new X1/X2 Interface

The V6 and V8 models from Midea come with a new interface, X1/X2. Our newly designed Midea CoolPlug is now compatible with both the new X1/X2 interface and the traditional XYE interface. This means you can effortlessly integrate our solution across various Midea VRF units, regardless of their model.

Benefits of connecting CoolPlug to X1/X2 

A significant advantage of connecting on X1/X2 is the ability to operate in WRLS mode without requiring an external power adapter, drawing power directly from the indoor unit. This simplifies the installation process as well as contributes to a cleaner setup by eliminating unnecessary external components. When connecting the Midea CoolPlug on the XYE interface, it will require an external power supply for WRLS mode operation.

Updated Installation Guide for Your Convenience

Our installation guides are already updated with detailed instructions. You can access the updated installation guide here.

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