HVAC Energy Management

Identify energy waste patterns, set optimal temperatures and systems operational hours to maximize energy savings and cut costs.
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Energy Savings

HVAC systems consume a large amount of energy, accounting for up to 70% of energy usage in commercial buildings. As energy prices rise, and as more companies, organizations, and governments prioritize sustainable practices, it becomes increasingly essential that HVAC systems are monitored and maintained to perform at optimum efficiency, ensuring significant energy savings over the life of the system.

Factors that affect HVAC energy consumption

Inefficient HVAC Operation
HVAC systems often heat or cool areas that are unoccupied, run during off-hours, and are set to operate above or below the tenants’ comfort level. These inefficiencies result in a significant waste of energy, which in turn leads to higher utility costs and unnecessary wear and tear on the system itself.
Inefficient HVAC maintenance
To operate at optimum efficiency, HVAC systems need consistent attention and maintenance. Limited or inadequate maintenance practices can often overlook or neglect adjustments fixes that need to be made to a HVAC system to ensure its health and to maximize its longevity. Underperforming systems can result in more frequent system failure, sometimes leading to complete downtime and resulting in increased costs of parts and labor, and to excess energy consumption.
Untimely HVAC System support
The timely attention to necessary adjustments in an HVAC system will extend the lifespan of the system and ensure greater energy efficiency. Many service providers do not have the tools and organizational structure to remotely monitor multiple systems in real time, and are therefore unable to address issues as they arise. This can often result in more rapid degradation of the system’s performance and in higher energy consumption.
Variety of system brands and models
Because each HVAC manufacturer offers a solution of its own, many facility and energy managers find it challenging to simultaneously oversee a variety of system types and models, especially when these systems are in multiple geographic locations. A wide range of proprietary solutions, particular to each manufacturer, can often lead to inefficiency in monitoring, and to unnecessary consumption of energy.
How do CoolAutomation Cloud Solutions help save energy?
Increasing Energy Efficiency
CoolAutomation Cloud Solutions enable facility managers to monitor where and when the most energy is being consumed by the HVAC systems under their purview. The ability to detect patterns in energy consumption allows managers to control for efficient use, ensuring that energy is not being spent unnecessarily, thus reducing both cost and carbon footprint.
HVAC Management for 2023
With CoolAutomation Cloud Solutions, facility and energy managers are able to monitor, manage, and maintain HVAC systems using a mobile phone app or computer browser, receiving alerts when issues arise or adjustments need to be made. This streamlined approach reduces the need for on-site visits, and helps managers regulate systems’ day-to-day energy usage.
Simplifying Oversight
CoolAutomation Cloud Solutions provide unified and streamlined management tools, integrating systems from various HVAC manufacturers into a unified user interface. Such a unified user interface helps managers to comfortably monitor and maintain previously divergent systems, which in turn promotes opportunities for organized energy control.
Remote Service and Diagnostic Tools for Optimizing HVAC System Performance
CoolAutomation Cloud Solutions have the ability to detect performance issues at the deepest technical level, send alerts when problems arise, and address issues when they are still minor. This reduces the time in which a system is underperforming, which in turn optimizes energy consumption.
Enhance Energy Savings and Efficiency with Advanced HVAC Management solutions
Cloud solutions
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Identify excess energy usage
Detect when and where day-to-day energy consumption is at its highest, adjusting the system to reflect the specific ebb and flow of energy need in a particular location.
Real-Time Alerts
Receive alerts in real time via mobile phone app or computer browser, optimizing response speed and regulating energy use.
Remote Monitoring
Monitor sites from a distance, reducing response lag time and addressing energy problems quickly.
Simplified Energy Management
Monitor and control energy usage with a simplified management approach that integrates and streamlines multiple and various HVAC systems.
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