Servicing & Monitoring

HVAC Professionals

The Digital Revolution of the HVAC Industry

As the world evolves further into the digital age, HVAC professionals can further advance their business opportunities through digitization, while building on their existing expertise within HVAC engineering

Digitize your Toolbox

Using CoolAutomation's hardware and software solutions, HVAC professionals can remotely monitor, diagnose, control, and service HVAC systems.

CoolAutomation's devices, applications, and system data analytics optimize HVAC installation, operation, and maintenance.

This is the power of the Internet of Climate (IoC)


Remote HVAC Diagnostics
and Servicing
Technicians and installers can access,
diagnose, and solve issues remotely
Commissioning Simplified
Perform, record, and analyse commissioning
processes on-site or remotely
Support for hybrid HVAC
Integrated support for various
HVAC systems, brands, and types
Real-Time System Error
Technicians and installers will receive error alerts
for malfunctioning HVAC systems in real-time