CooLinkBridge is a hardware device which enables seamless and universal integration of, Home Automation, Building Management Systems, and Cloud Control Applications with the leading brands of HVAC Zone Control Units, Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating, and Chilled Water Systems.

Key Benefits

Enables access to the CoolAutomation Application Suite which includes: Facilities Management and HVAC Control apps
Support for major Zone Control, Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating, and Chiller HVAC systems
Native integration with all HVAC Home Automation and Building Management Systems
Native cloud integration with popular smart devices, including: Google Assistant, Ecobee and Amazon Alexa
CooLinkBridge is plug & play device, with a seamless integration and installation process.

CooLinkBridge provides HVAC automation integrators, facilities managers, service providers, and HVAC professionals with the ability to remotely control, monitor, and manage HVAC systems.

It does this by creating a bi-directional and universal communication channel between the HVAC and Automation Systems.

Communication through Open Proprietary ASCII,MODBUS RTU, BACNET MSTP, BACNET IP, andREST API protocols
REST API for developers of control applications over the cloud
Automatic driver detection and installation for all Home Automation systems
Native Integration of all brands of
Home Automation
How it works

Auxiliary HVAC systems such as HVAC Zone Control Units, Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating, and Chilled Water Systems, have their own communication protocol and interfaces. These require complicated integration in order to connect it to a cloud-based system. It makes these systems too complex to integrate into most home & building automation systems, smart home devices, or cloud-based control applications.

CooLinkBridge enables the integration of leading HVAC Zone Control Units, Heat Pumps, Underfloor Heating, and Chilled Water Systems with Home & Building Automation Systems, Smart Home Devices, and Cloud-Based Remote Control Applications through a seamless and universal communication channel.

This universal communication channel enables Automation Integrators and HVAC Professionals:

  • Native integration Home and Building Automation Systems with these auxiliary HVAC systems
  • Integration with the CoolAutomation’s application suite which includes: Facilities Management, Monitoring, Servicing, and Control applications
  • Connectivity with the leading Smart Home Solutions (such as Google Home) and voice controls (such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa)

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