HVAC Predictive Maintenance

Take the leap from local and reactive to remote
and proactive
HVAC compatible brands
Remotely detect VRF system anomalies early while they are still minor and prevent system downtime.

By receiving push notifications on malfunctions that are about to happen, you can fix system issues before they occur, thus preventing their deterioration into system failure. Keep your clients’ HVAC system at top performance, by configuring a set of anomaly rules that are constantly monitored by our software.

Optimize On-Site Visits

CoolAutomation’s HVAC Predictive Maintenance solution provides another layer of insurance for the period between regular maintenance visits, allowing you to optimize your schedules and plan trips based on priorities.

Machine Learning

Smart algorithms monitor specific system parameters, enabling predictive HVAC  maintenance through the detection of technical and operational anomalies.

Complimentary reports analyze up to a year’s worth of data to provide targeted optimization and remediation targets.

How it works

The HVAC Predictive Maintenance solution consists of an intuitive cloud-based application and an IoT-enabling edge device – the CloudBox, The solution is plug & play, and  communicates natively with any HVAC system. In addition, It automatically detects the HVAC system and available units.

Once connected to the cloud, all brand-specific parameters of the connected systems are continuously collected, analyzed and presented in the application.

Now that the system is set, the data is streamed into the system, and the algorithm starts remotely monitoring the HVAC system – detecting and notifying you  of any system anomaly or deviations from the regular system performance.

The system also offers a predefined anomaly detection library, allowing users to quickly and easily leverage the analytic power of the platform.

Cross-Brand, Cross-Site
Connect any compatible HVAC brands to the solution, and diagnose them on all connected sites - from the comfort of your office or home
Usage and Performance Reports
Periodic HVAC system reports for analysis of operation and performance
Real-Time Alert Notification
Receive real-time push notifications via text or email, for abnormal system behavior
Remote Fix Verification
Remotely set and run an automatic test procedure on the fixed system, followed by remote verification that all works as expected
Continuous Monitoring
Use continuous monitoring for early detection and handling of errors
365 Days Of Historical Data
The solution automatically retains all of the data for up to a year to compare present and historical data
A word from our customers
After integrating VRF systems for 20+ years, the method I choose again is through CoolMasterNet. It simplifies the communication to a complex HVAC system, and it allows to control it locally via a home automation system (Crestron, Savant, etc.) and remotely for diagnostics purposes. We rely on CoolAutomation solutions in high-end residential projects installed by the top-notch HVAC contractors in New York City. The solution never fails!
Sal Navaro, Technical Director
We have been using CoolAutomation's CoolMasterNet solution for more than a decade. Without CoolMasterNet, HVAC integration was not efficient and time-consuming. Each HVAC manufacturer has its own protocol, so we had to understand each one and create a separate module for each brand. We also used different adapters. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not. Once we started using CoolMasterNet, everything became easier, simpler, and faster. All we need to do is connect the HVAC to CoolMasterNet, and to the Home Automation controller - and the HVAC is integrated in no time.
Sergey Staroseletski, Integrator
From a service manager's position, having the ability to remotely monitor and diagnose is a real benefit for our company and our clients. It both saves time and money, and best of all - ensures minimal downtime, compared to traditional diagnostic methods. The GUI is fantastic, making for easy diagnostics and having the ability to sort data accordingly.
Josh Morgan, Service Manager
Using CoolAutomation has saved us countless hours of call outs and labor, minimizing time by utilizing their unique cloud-based solution. By diagnosing the Daikin VRV equipment remotely and efficiently, senior technicians ensure minimal equipment downtime. We can set schedules, restrict wall controller operation, set auto heat/cool logic, change over rules and monitor real-time energy consumption. Using these control strategies has already reduced energy and maintenance costs and presumably increased equipment lifespan.
Alan Bedford, Facilities Manager
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AHR Expo 2022 Innovation Awards Finalist
AHR Expo 2022 Innovation Awards Finalist
2022 Winner of the “Smart Heating and Cooling Product of the Year”
2022 Winner of the “Smart Heating and Cooling Product of the Year”
Award in the 6th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program
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