Developers API

Develop a custom HVAC application

With the CoolAutomation Developers API, you can develop your own control and management application, or integrate your preferred HVAC functionalities into an existing application.

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Customize your HVAC systems
Management and Controls

Use the full range of HVAC system tools to implement
your preferred control and monitoring capabilities


Extend your PLATFORM’S
HVAC control capabilities

Enable your existing cloud platform to
expand its compatible HVAC system types

How Does it Work?

CoolAutomation developers API is an HTTP REST API platform, which enables developers to integrate applications with any HVAC control system that utilizes a CoolAutomation hardware device. The API's HVAC functionality virtualization simplifies the use of HVAC controls within applications.
How Does it Work?


Rich Functionality

Rich Functionality

Includes all major control and monitoring
functions and options available through
your HVAC systems


Utilizing OAuth 2.0 to ensure a safe
and secure API environment


CoolAutomation's Developers API was built on the REST API platform to provide our partners with a user-friendly environment for developing HVAC control applications and cloud integrations. We have also developed a JavaScript SDK to further simplify the process for JavaScript developers.
User permission control

User permission control

Our coders have been using the Developers API,
so you can be confident that it has
been thoroughly tested and debugged.

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