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Facilities managers

The Complexity of Facilities HVAC Management

Facilities Managers who are responsible for HVAC systems on multiple floors, buildings, or sites, have been presented with a unique problem. They are currently unable to easily view, monitor, or manage different physical locations, HVAC brands, or system types through a single interface.

Unify Your HVAC Systems

CoolAutomation's interoperable, native, and seamless hardware and software solutions enable a unified management interface of HVAC management systems, in different locations and from different manufacturers. It will also enable different roles and profiles to restrict or limit user activities.

This is the power of the Internet of Climate (IoC)


Optimize HVAC Management
Using a single interface to optimize HVAC
operation and energy efficiency
Remote HVAC diagnostics
and servicing
Facilities Managers can access,
diagnose, and solve issues remotely
Support for hybrid
HVAC installations
Integrated support for various
HVAC systems, brands, and types
Real-Time System Error
Facilities Managers will receive error alerts
for malfunctioning HVAC systems in real-time