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The complexity of HVAC
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Managing HVAC systems on multiple floors, buildings, or sites, is a complex task. Facility Managers struggle to get a clear view of the different systems, monitor and manage different physical locations, HVAC brands, or system types through a single interface. This leads to various challenges in meeting their performance goals for their day to day routine:

Balance sustainability goals with tenants comfort
As more companies and governments prioritize sustainability, facility managers must comply with local energy regulations and reduce HVAC systems energy usage, without deteriorating occupants' comfort.
Reducing energy costs
HVAC power consumption accounts for around 70% of the total facility energy consumption in commercial buildings. Inefficient HVAC system performance increases energy consumption and leads to higher energy bills.
Reduce Maintenance inefficiencies
Pre-Scheduled periodic maintenance visits may not always be necessary or effective, resulting in wasted time and resources for both facility managers and the service providers. New models of continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance changes the way HVAC service and maintenance are carried out.
Deal with Inaccurate multi-tenant billing on VRF systems
The traditional methods of tenant billing by space size can be prone to errors and inaccuracies, leading to disputes and wasted time resolving billing issues.
Our Cloud-based solutions allow facility managers to
effectively manage multi site HVAC systems.
Remotely manage multiple sites from a single platform
Access complete system performance information, with push real-time alerts. This allows them to quickly respond, proactively minimize downtime and improve tenant comfort levels, often even before tenants are aware of the problem.
Save energy and meet sustainability goals
Track and analyze HVAC energy consumption and identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Get insights into energy consumption patterns, optimize energy usage and reduce energy costs.
Optimized HVAC Maintenance Schedule
Schedule maintenance visits based on actual equipment status, rather than relying solely on periodic scheduled site visits. Leverage remote HVAC monitoring tools to alert immediately on errors and performance anomalies and use remote diagnostics to ensure that technicians arrive on site equipped with the right tools, parts, and skill-sets, making maintenance visits more efficient.
VRF Power Distribution
Bill tenants accurately based on the actual usage of each indoor unit in the VRF system, reducing disputes and wasted time resolving billing issues.
See how you can remotely manage HVAC systems across multiple sites, reduce energy costs, and improve tenant comfort.
See how you can remotely manage HVAC systems across multiple sites, reduce energy costs, and improve tenant comfort
Cloud solutions
Review our cloud-based HVAC management & monitoring solutions
HVAC Remote Diagnostics
Remotely diagnose, control, and monitor HVAC performance with real-time data analysis and error alerts. Learn more
HVAC Predictive Maintenance
Automatically detect HVAC system anomalies early or even before they happen and prevent system downtime. Learn more
Basic HVAC Operations
Efficiently manage multiple HVAC systems across multiple sites from any brand through a unified interface. Learn more
Advanced HVAC Operations
Maintain total control over multiple HVAC systems, brands, and locations while maximizing energy efficiency. Learn more
VRF Power Distribution
Allows for accurate billing of tenants based on the actual operational demand of each indoor unit. Learn more
HVAC Control
Smart control application for residential sites that allows users to schedule, control, and manage HVAC systems remotely. Learn more
Developer’s API
Customize your control and management application, or integrate your preferred HVAC functionalities into an existing application. Learn more
Save Energy
Get actual power usage of each HVAC system and drill down to the level of each indoor unit. Detect extreme and peak consumption levels and address them on time to save on energy costs
Optimize HVAC Management
Using a single interface to optimize HVAC operational and energy efficiency, remote HVAC diagnostics and servicing
Support for Hybrid HVAC Installations
Integrated support for various HVAC systems, brands, and types
Real-Time System Error Notification
Facilities Managers will receive error alerts for malfunctioning HVAC systems in real-time
Remove HVAC diagnostics and servicing
Facilities Managers can access, diagnose, and solve HVAC issues remotely
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