In a dynamic industry where efficiency and reliability are paramount, CoolAutomation emerges as the leading choice for HVAC management solutions. With Turntide (formerly Riptide)  ceasing their cloud-based HVAC solution activities, CoolAutomation stands out as the ideal alternative, offering advanced capabilities that set us apart in the industry.

Our solution is designed to enhance service for VRF systems. We empower HVAC professionals with comprehensive control over multiple systems, ensuring energy efficiency and regulatory compliance. Our advanced HVAC automation tools minimize power usage and swiftly identify performance issues, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

A key aspect that differentiates CoolAutomation is the Predictive and Remote Diagnostics feature. It enables early detection of system anomalies, preventing malfunctions and reducing downtime. Our HVAC Predictive Maintenance further bolsters system health, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and extending system lifespan.

In comparison with competitors, CoolAutomation's solutions provide unique features like multi-brand  HVAC monitoring, unlimited access to historic system data, and comprehensive service checker data spanning back to older models of VRF/VRV. These features underscore our commitment to delivering not just solutions, but also an experience marked by superior service, unmatched reliability, and top-tier product quality.

CoolAutomation Daikin comparison

Some of the top features CoolAutomation offers-

  • Energy Savings and System Longevity: Early detection of system irregularities prevents wear and tear, extending the HVAC system's lifespan.
  • Cross-Brand and Cross-Site Management: A unified interface streamlines the management of different brands, systems and sites, simplifying complex operations.
  • Advanced Management Capabilities: With features like multi-site management, data trending, and smart notifications, CoolAutomation offers unparalleled control and insight.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The clear, intuitive dashboard and comprehensive mobile app make system management accessible to all users, remotely.
By using those features, HVAC professionals can enhance their service offerings, significantly cut technician travel time, and improve customer satisfaction. The combination of advanced technology with unmatched service excellence in our solutions means you can deliver faster, more efficient, and more reliable services to your clients.

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