The CoolMasters training event by CoolAutomation in Miami, held in October 2023, was a landmark in HVAC professional development. This event aimed to boost proficiency in managing VRF/Mini-Split/Ductless systems and provided professionals with innovative tools for smarter, more efficient HVAC management.

Hands-On Learning and Practical Experience

Participants experienced hands-on learning with CoolAutomation’s latest hardware and cloud solutions. “The lab sessions offered profound insights,” said some of the participants , emphasizing the practical application of the technology.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Key to the event's success was the opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing among HVAC professionals from top North American and LATAM companies. Scott Salentine from Mitsubishi Diamond Service Group hailed it as “one of the best training sessions I have been part of.” Similarly, Robert Lisse from Daikin Applied appreciated the chance for personal interactions.
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Insights from CoolAutomation Team

From CoolAutomation's team, Shmuel Mizrahi, Customer Success, remarked, "This event is not just about learning; it's about empowering professionals with the right tools for HVAC challenges." Ben Shipley, VP US Sales, added, "These training sessions are crucial in keeping our partners ahead in the industry with the latest technological know-how."

Kavin Ward, East Sales Manager, emphasized the importance of staying current in a rapidly evolving industry. David Diez-Perez, Midwest Sales Manager, and Edson Machado, Technical Manager for LATAM, echoed the sentiments of advancement and community building.

Pennergy’s Rob Lowry commented, “This product is just the beginning of the future of VRF controls.” Matt Holland, also from Pennergy, found the Cool Master certification program “worthwhile,” noting its immediate practical benefits.

The Impact of CoolMasters Program

The CoolMasters program exemplifies CoolAutomation's dedication to elevating professional standards and innovation in HVAC. The event's success reflects the company's commitment to the industry's future.

Participating companies included : Air Temp Mechanical Inc., All Temp Ltd, AMSI, Applied Product Solutions, BuildingIS, COMPAÑIA CLIMATIZADORA, S.A., Daikin Applied, Distributor Corp of New England, F.W. Webb Company, Gome, Grupo Cemca, Gustave A. Larson, HAFTEN SA DE CV, hvacMENSCH, Inverter Mechanical Piping Solutions, LONG Building Technologies, McMillan James Equipment Company, Oldach Associates Inc., Pennergy Solutions, Refrimundo S.A, Tradewinds Climate Systems, Ultimate Zoning, and VRF SC. 

For more details about the participating companies, see here.