We are pleased to announce a significant update to the CoolAutomation cloud solution suite: the addition of the Dual Setpoint capability. The update enables a unified way to apply Dual Setpoint logic in VRF and split systems.

Understanding Dual Setpoint Capability

The Dual Setpoint allows users to define their desired room temperature range (Vs. single setpoint) and ensures the HVAC system remains in this range while also reducing energy consumption.  This is effective when the desired temperature range requires moving between Cool to Heat mode in order to reach the desired setpoint. The new capability will switch automatically between Cool and Heat modes, depending on actual room temperature. While in the dead band between the Cool and Heat temperatures, the HVAC system usually does not allocate resources for this unit, thus saving energy.  

The Significance of Dual Setpoint Feature

One of the key benefits of this new feature is its ability to bring 'Auto Dual Setpoint' functionalities to systems such as VRF and Split units, where it may not be inherently available through the system or the thermostat. The management of ‘dual setpoint Auto’ mode is effectively handled through cloud-based control rather than directly via the thermostat or unit.


This feature is now accessible via our ProfessionalApp and is a part of our Advanced packages, aligned with our goal to continuously enrich our software offerings.

Further Information and Resources

For detailed insights into how the Dual Setpoint capability functions and guidance on its operation, feel free to contact us and request a demo .

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Continual Improvements in HVAC Control Solutions

The introduction of the Dual Setpoint capability continues our ongoing investment in  enhancing the functionality and user experience of our products.

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