Crestron and CoolAutomation have partnered with a common goal of simplifying integration between the new Crestron Home platform for the residential market and HVAC: Zone Control Systems, Split/Multi-Split, and VRF HVAC.

This is a challenge that many integrators meet on a daily basis. In order to improve understanding of CoolAutomation’s solution in Australia and New Zealand, Crestron Australia hosted our engineering team on their weekly Webinar last week. 

The main agenda was introducing the Crestron Home solution and the integration with different HVAC systems, such as: Zone control systems, Splits/Multi-Splits, and VRFs, that are so common in the Australian residential market.

The webinar was hosted by Dee Bubbeck - Director, Residential Systems Australia, and Igor Mitbarg, CoolAutomation VP Customer Success. Dee presented the Crestron Home platform and demonstrated the live setup of the system, including CoolMasterNet configuration within Crestron Home OS.

Igor’s presentation covered the HVAC market, system types, and their technical and communication specifications. He elaborated on the best practices and approaches towards HVAC integration with Creston and, in particular, with common air conditioning brands in Australia, such as Actron, Temperzone, and different Zone control systems. 

Here are some useful resources to help you with the integration:

Crestron Home ~ CoolAutomation:  Integration Guidelines.

Check out our page on the integration of all HVAC brands and guidelines for understanding the challenge and the solution

Check out our recorded webinars on HVAC integration with Home Automation systems, explaining the existing HVAC system types and the solution.


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