CoolAutomation is happy to announce that we have expanded our solutions to cover HVAC equipment that uses Neptronic fan coil controllers. From now on, any fan coil that uses Neptronic controller can be easily integrated with any Home Automation, or use CoolAutomation Application Suite, that comes with CA controllers.

What is the Equipment Required by Neptronic?

Networkable Fan Coil Controller EFCB

What Air Conditioning Equipment It is Compatible With?

Any fan coil that uses the above mentioned Neptronic controller

What Components From Coolautomation Will I Need?

CoolMaster or CoolMasterPRO or CooLinkBrdige

How Does It Work?

All Neptronic controllers should be set for Modbus, and daisy chained by 2 wired shielded cable. Once connected to one of CoolAutomation’s devices, they would be autodetected, shown on the screen and would be ready for operation. No additional configuration or settings would be required.

What Can I Do With It?

  1. Any of those HVAC units could be easily integrated now into any home automation system (e.g Crestron, Lutron, SnapOne, etc’)
  2. Any of those HVAC units can now be accessed and controlled remotely, using CoolAutomation’s web apps:
IOC app – for remote control and monitoring, using any PC/Smart phone/Tablet.

Professional app – a dedicated app for Facility management, history and data trending, operational efficiency, energy saving, predictive and preventive maintenance.

 What Functionality Will I Gain?

  • Operation status change and monitoring (On/Off)
  • Operation mode change and monitoring
  • Set point change and monitoring.
  • Fan speed change and monitoring
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Malfunction status
 for further information feel free to contact us here

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