To the customers and colleagues of CoolAutomation around the world,

I am sure you have been following the events in Israel over the last few days. We stand without words at the stories and images of the atrocities committed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad against parents, children, babies and elderly people in the cities and communities of Southern Israel.

These stories are heart wrenching. Our soul is crushed at what pure evil was inflicted on fellow human beings. We weep together with the families and survivors, and with the entire State of Israel.

As an Israeli headquartered company, we have many Israeli employees who have friends and family that have suffered tremendous loss, and whose family members have mobilized to fight the just war that will come to eradicate this evil.

I wish to thank the outpouring of messages we have been getting from our friends and colleagues around the world. I cannot begin to express how comforting the knowledge we are not alone is.

I also wanted to inform you that CoolAutomation continues to function without interruption or disruption to our operations. Our product shipments and customer support will continue as before and without delay.

We owe it to our thousands of faithful customers, and we owe it to ourselves to demonstrate that terror will not succeed, and that we will prevail.

Join me in praying for the families of those who have suffered, for the families of our CoolAutomation Israeli employees, and for peace.

Yaron Benvenisti CEO CoolAutomation

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