CoolAutomation is happy to announce that we have expanded our solutions to cover Mitsubishi Electric heat pump Water Heater

What is Mitsubihsi Electric Water Heater?

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Water Heater (CAHV) is an air source heat pump monobloc system that  can operate singularly, or form part of a multiple unit cascade system, gaining capacity of up to 688 kW. This level of modulation is unprecedented within the heating industry and is perfectly suited to a wide range of commercial applications. Can heat up the water up to 70 0C. Comes with a wide range of controllers, as standard.

Is There Any Additional Equipment Required by Mitsubishi Electric?

CoolAutomation products will connect directly to the Master unit of this monobloc Water Heater. No additional adapters, controllers, gateways would be required from Mitsubishi to make this integration.

What Models Are Compatible?

There is one main model, that can work as a stand alone system, or part of a cascade, to reach larger capacities (up to 688KW).

Model type: CAHV-P500YA-HPB

What Components From CoolAutomation Will I Need?

CoolMaster, CoolMasterPRO

How Does It Work?

This Mitsubishi unit is a single (or might be multiple) Monobloc unit, that looks like an outdoor VRF unit. In case of a single module, CoolAutomation devices would be wired to the corresponding terminals on this unit. In case of the cascade, all Mitsubishi units would be daisy chained (one to another), while CoolAutomation device would be part of this wiring chain.

What Can I Do With It?

  1. Any of those connected water heating units by Mitsubishi Electric  could be easily integrated now into any Home Automation system (e.g Crestron, Lutron, SnapOne, etc’)
  2. Any of those connected water heating units could be easily integrated now into any BMS, implementing our standard Modbus and BACNET interfaces used for the VRF.
  3. Any of those water heating units can now be accessed and controlled remotely, using CoolAutomation’s web apps:
  • IOC app – for remote control and monitoring, using any PC/Smart phone/Tablet.
  • Professional app – a dedicated app for Facility management, history and data trending, operational efficiency, energy saving, predictive and preventive maintenance.

What Functionality Will I Gain?

  • Operation status (On/Off) – Read/Write
  • Operation state – Read
  • Set Temperature – Read/Write
  • Error code – Read
  • Number of different parameters for service purposes (PRO version)

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