The Home Automation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, and it is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. The need to save on energy, along with the high degree of internet connectivity are the two main factors that drive Home Automation market's fast growth.

In such a fast-changing environment, clever HVAC engineers and integrators may grasp the opportunity to grow into this new market and win better and bigger HVAC integration jobs - all by using the right hardware solution.

What would the right hardware solution be? What would it do?

Imagine a dream solution. One that would (see this video, or continue reading):

1. Connect to most Home-Automation systems on one hand, and to the biggest HVAC brands on the other

2. Allow the automation of two, three or even more HVAC brands at the same time, all while using one BMS (Building Management System)

3. Require as little as two wires connected to each air Conditioning unit

4. Easily configure and install for immediate indoor units identification

5. Can be installed in parallel or without HVAC’s original central controller and stat.  

6. Have an easy to use touch screen panel for monitoring and backup operation

7. No need to pre-configure: HVAC brands can easily be switched at field level.

"I've heard of BACNet; it's not good enough," you say?


We're not talking about BACNet.

In fact - we're not even talking about a protocol.

We're talking about a controller that allows easy, seamless integration of HVAC units with Home Automation systems, and connects to most Home-Automation systems and HVAC brands.

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