Today’s digital age places HVAC professionals in a unique position (and if you’re reading this, we assume that you’re one of them). While HVAC digitization may possibly create some advantages for you, these benefits are abstract, and learning how to jump into the digital world  seems like a big barrier to overcome.

We’ve written this article to help HVAC professionals to understand not just the specific advantages that the digital world can provide for you, your customers, and your business, but also to help you see just how easy the process can be.

 A Multitude of Advantages

The digital world brings many opportunities to the HVAC industry. It does require some level of adjustment for HVAC professionals and technicians but it also provides them with the most value.

As an example, digital solutions enable you to have a more efficient workday, potentially eliminating the need to drive across the city to perform onsite system diagnostics or commissioning. Instead, you can access these systems digitally so that you can perform the tests remotely. It also helps HVAC professionals like you expand your business by making your company more attractive to both existing and potential customers through faster and more efficient service.

Why Some Professionals Are Ignoring the Digital Trend?

Despite its numerous benefits, many professionals within the HVAC industry have still not embraced the digital world, while others are simply ignoring it. This might be due to the perceived challenges associated with making the jump into the digital revolution. But as we’re about to show you, it’s much easier than they think.

How to Digitize an HVAC?

VRF, VRV, Split, Mini-Split and some of the other HVAC systems, are all designed with a closed communication system, and as such, are unable to connect to any external device, network, or smart home device. The ultimate solution to bridge this gap is through the use of an intermediary solution, that includes an Internet of Climate (IoC) device and cloud-based API access.
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CoolAutomation Connects Your HVAC to the Internet of Climate (IoC)

In order to enable digital functionality and interactivity, you will need to install an intermediary device such as one of CoolAutomation’s hardware devices. Easy to install, these devices enable VRF and Split systems to communicate with the internet and web applications.  

This creates what we call: The Internet of Climate or the IoC.

IoC Enabled HVAC: Key Opportunities 

1) Pro-active HVAC Service

One of the most significant challenges for HVAC professionals and businesses like yourself, is that you have no ability to proactively interact with your customers after an initial installation or servicing. This leaves you constantly searching for new customers instead of maximizing the customers you already have.

Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

The ability to remotely monitor HVAC systems allows you to reach out to your customers and initiate servicing to help them avoid severe technical issues in the future - through a designated app. CoolAutomation's solution is designed for the HVAC professional saves time and resources through HVAC remote monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance.

Gain Access to Data From HVAC Systems You’ve Installed

The installation of an intermediary hardware device enables you to access the HVAC System data. There’s no limit to the number of systems you can integrate into your account, and for each individual system you can:

  •     Receive alerts and notifications - when an HVAC system nears or exceeds the performance limits, so that you can reach out to your customer and proactively recommend a service call to avoid system errors or failures.
  •     Drastically reduce the time needed for each service call - through remote servicing, troubleshooting, and diagnostics, you will be providing more efficient service for your customers.
  •     Enable HVAC predictive maintenance - our advanced algorithms will send alerts related to potential problems and errors before they occur. This enables you to inform your customers and solve small problems before they become big problems.
In other words, an HVAC troubleshooting App allows you to provide your customers with peace-of-mind and a sense of trust in your professional expertise.

2) Universal Smart Home Integration

At some time or another, your customers may have asked you about connecting an HVAC system to a smart home device. The most popular systems include WiFi thermostats, Nest,Amazon Alexa, Ecobee, or Google Assistant.

While in the past this may not have been a serious problem, the incredible popularity of smart home devices and the growing penetration of VRF and Split HVAC systems is about to significantly increase your need for a simple connectivity solution.

Connect with CoolAutomation

As mentioned, VRF and Split HVAC systems cannot directly connect to any external system, including Home Automation. By installing one of CoolAutomation’s hardware solutions you will now be able to integrate VRF, VRV, Split, Mini-Split, and Multi-Split HVACs to any Home Automation system and all of the most popular smart home devices. 

3) Cross-brand HVAC Control

Since nowadays most people assume everything comes with an app, some of your customers have no doubt already asked you for a web or mobile application to remotely control their HVAC. While some of the HVAC manufacturers have developed an application for this purpose, using a different application for each individual manufacturer is a significant task for you and mainly, your customer. The ultimate solution would be finding a universal application that can be used for just about every VRF and Split HVAC system, and can even be used if multiple HVAC brands are being used in a single location.

By installing one of CoolAutomation’s hardware devices, together with the CoolAutomation HVAC Control, you can give your customers complete remote control over their HVAC system, regardless of the manufacturing brand.

What You Need to Make it Work

The entire CoolAutomation Application Suite is enabled through the installation of a CoolAutomation hardware device: CoolMasterNet, CoolPlug, and CooLinkBridge

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