As pioneers of the Internet of Climate (IoC) technology, CoolAutomation has a commitment to support HVAC and automation professionals by improving their customers' HVAC experience.

This is why we are thrilled to announce a native connectivity for all CoolAutomation solutions with Amazon Alexa.

This means that all VRFs and all compatible Split HVAC systems can now be voice-controlled through Amazon Alexa, when connected through CoolAutomation solutions!

Why do you need additional solution to connect Alexa to a VRF or Split HVAC?

As we have outlined in our blog, VRF, VRV, Split, Mini-Split and some of the other HVAC systems, are all designed with a closed communication system, and as such, are unable to connect to any external device, network, or smart home device (Amazon Alexa included). The only way to bridge this gap is through the use of an intermediary solution, that includes an Internet of Climate (IoC) device and cloud-based API access.

CoolAutomation's solutions enable VRFs, VRVs, Split, Mini Split and other HVAC systems to access the internet, which enables the HVACs to communicate with external systems through the CoolRemote Cloud API.

Once you connect any internet-enabled smart device to your HVAC through CoolRemote Cloud and a CoolAutomation device, your Amazon Alexa will gain seamless bi-directional control over the most popular brands of VRF, VRV, Split and Mini-Split HVAC systems.

This development is incredibly important for HVAC professionals and Home & Building Automation Integrators to provide their customers with the most versatile and interoperable HVAC systems.

What Does This Mean For You?

From now on you can promise your customers that they will be able to control their VRF, Split HVAC, along with many other system types, by using voice controls through their Amazon Alexa device.

How Do I Get It?

If you’ve not yet purchased a CoolAutomation device, you can send us a message to understand which is the best fit for your project by contacting us. 

If you’ve already installed a CoolAutomation device and need help linking the Alexa skill, we have created a guide which is available for download on the Smart Home Integration page of our website.

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