CoolMasterNet is a universal gateway, allowing integrators, technical service providers, facilities managers, and more, to integrate any VRF or VRV HVAC system with Home & Building Automation systems. 

CoolMasterNet allows you to also connect your VRF/VRV HVAC to CoolAutomation's Cloud Solutions, and to control, monitor, service, and manage the systems through these designated, various apps.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the many ways in which CoolMasterNet benefits Home Automation Integrators, HVAC Technical Service Providers, and Facilities Managers. We will begin by detailing the challenges each HVAC professional encounters when approaching a VRF/VRV air conditioning system and follow by detailing how connecting it to CoolMasterNet enables a simple connection to an app that fits each of these professionals’ needs.

Home Automation Integrators 

The Challenge

Home Automation Integrators strive to achieve an easy integration between Smart Home Controllers and VRF/VRV HVACs.

But when arriving on-site and discovering that there’s a VRF/VRV HVAC installed, Home Automation Integrators tend to encounter a recurring challenge: they already know from past experience that each VRF/VRV HVAC has a different protocol and that this protocol is a closed, proprietary one. 

They know that this is going to be a complex integration that will require them to provide a mediation device from the specific manufacturer, in order to integrate the VRF/VRV into the Home Automation system. Or have the manufacturer provide the integrator with a unique protocol. However, this is not always available, ending up with the integrator investing a lot of professional energy in the integration process.

The Solution

CoolMasterNet allows Home Automation Integrators to seamlessly, universally, and natively integrate VRF/VRV HVAC into any Home Automation System. It also enables the connection to the leading Smart Home Device integration (such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa).

As a Plug & Play device CoolMasterNet is simple to install and saves Home Automation Integrators precious time.

HVAC Technical Service Providers 

The Challenge

Many HVAC Technical Service Providers are familiar with this routine: arriving on-site, only to discover they’re carrying the wrong set of tools for the HVAC malfunction they were called to fix. 

In another scenario: they receive a service call that sounds complex, and send their company’s most valuable workforce - their VRF Engineer - to perform the fix. Once the Engineer arrives on-site to fix the issue, he discovers that it’s actually quite minor - and ends up wasting his time in traffic and solving an issue a junior HVAC service provider could have solved.

The Solution

Connecting the HVAC system to CoolMasterNet enables a connection to CoolAutomation’s Cloud Solutions - including the HVAC Remote Diagnostics solution. This solution allows you to constantly and remotely monitor the performance of all the connected HVACs on all connected sites.

Not only that, but this solution allows you to remotely diagnose and solve errors, and helps you to downsize your and your VRF engineer’s on-site visits to the required minimum.

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Facilities Managers

The Challenge

Facilities Managers experience a complexity in their job: while they need to manage VRF/VRV HVAC systems on multiple floors, buildings, or sites, they need to easily view, monitor or manage these different locations - through a single interface; something that is not always available to them. They are also called to optimize the facilities’ energy consumption.

The Solution

CoolMasterNet allows Facilities Managers to control VRF/VRV HVAC systems in different locations and buildings under their management - easily and remotely, and through a single interface.

This is done through the Advanced HVAC Operations solution, allowing Facilities Managers to stay on top of things, inspect the operational trends of each of the connected HVAC systems and diagnose recurring malfunctions - and remotely.

Not only that, but CoolMasterNet allows Facilities Managers to integrate Home and Building Automation Systems with HVAC - allowing them to remotely set effective scheduling

(according to hours of the day/temperature), limit users' change of the system’s temperature, set seasonal adjustments, and set the HVAC to a pre-set, regulated temperature. These abilities allow for energy efficiency, and save on the facility’s energy bills.

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