Throne the manufacturer and supplier of innovative interface and control solutions for building automation has announced the completion of an IP driver for CoolMaterNet and CooLinkNet from Cool Automation to enable direct control of HVAC systems.

With this development Throne’s customers via CoolMasterNet or CooLinkNet will be able to control air conditioning systems from all the worldwide leading brands e.g. Daikin, Fujitsu, Gree, Hitachi, Kentatsu, LG, Midea, Mitsubishi, Panasonic/Sanyo, Samsung, Toshiba, Trane etc’. This IP driver from Throne is a continued effort by Cool Automation with its partners to provide integrators and installers with hassle free seamless integration solutions for the complex, ‘non-trivial’ HVAC Systems to be interfaced with. For further information get details on our products CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet .

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