The Internet of Climate (IoC) enables HVAC systems to be controlled, serviced, optimized, and managed remotely. Making it easier to create the perfect climate control in smart inter-connected buildings.

Simple. Reliable. Universal.

CoolAutomation's IoC solutions are the next evolution of climate and IoT technologies,
and are crucial to any professional within the home and building automation, HVAC, or facilities management industries.
Home & Building Automation Professionals

Home & Building
Automation Professionals

Seamless Integration of Home and Building Automation with Climate Systems
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HVAC Professionals

HVAC Professionals

Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and servicing
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Facilities Managers

Facilities Managers

Real-time optimization for all connected locations and HVAC units
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Virtualization of Indoor Climate
for Home and Building Automation

Virtualization of Indoor Climate
for Facilities Managers

Virtualization of Indoor Climate
for HVAC Professionals

Our Vision - Enabling a smarter climate for everyone.

CoolAutomation goes beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver the Internet of Climate (IoC). We are improving existing technologies surrounding climate control and converting intelligence into tangible benefits. Our interoperable, intelligent indoor climate solutions enable HVAC Professionals to create the perfect climate in today’s smart and interconnected buildings, homes, and offices. Leveraging our proprietary cutting-edge technology, we deliver climate control and integration solutions together with intelligent services to make a comfortable and sustainable indoor climate for everyone.

The Evolution of Indoor Climate

CoolAutomation Internet-of-Climate (IoC) solutions enable HVAC professionals to access HVAC systems through any connected device.

Automation Integrators, Installers, and Service Providers can diagnose, troubleshoot, and provide service remotely. Facilities Managers and Homeowners can control and manage their climate from anywhere.


CoolAutomation's solutions have native integration with leading HVAC systems and all Automation systems.

Our solutions provide cloud-based applications which are used to control, manage, diagnose and service HVAC systems.

Simplify your World

CoolAutomation's solutions enable professionals to provide more efficient integration, control, maintenance, and support of HVAC systems.
Integrate Indoor Climate Systems with Home and Building Automation

Integrate Indoor Climate Systems
with Home and Building Automation

Quickly and simply integrate any VRF or split climate systems into a native Home Automation interface.
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Remote Monitoring,
Diagnostics, and Servicing

Optimize service based on real-time and historical system data analytics.
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Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Servicing
Organize HVACs by unit, location, or facility

Optimized Management of HVAC systems

Stay on top of all connected HVAC systems across locations through a single interface, optimizing performance, operation, and energy efficiency.
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Compatible Smart Devices

HVAC Compatibility

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