Palladiom Thermostat is now compatible with CoolAutomation solutions. CoolMasterNet can now bridge between all VRF systems and Palladium thermostat. CooLinkNet allows connectivity to Mini-Split and Multi-Split systems by Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu.   This is especially exciting because the technologies we support are growing in a penetration rate in the market and soon many integrators will need to learn how to connect VRF, Mini-Split and Multi-Split HVAC into various Automation systems. Chances any integrator will encounter more and more of such projects in the near future. Lucky we have you covered already :) If you are a Lutron integrator you can find the integration manual in Lutron website in the designated area. For more information on compatibility please visit CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet pages or e-mail us to Have a Cool integration!

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