IP Driver support for CoolMasterNet from ELAN

ELAN, a leading developer and supplier of audio/video and home entertainment systems, has developed an IP Driver for CoolAutomation’s CoolMasterNet universal HVAC bridge. The new IP Driver allows ELAN’s control and entertainment solutions to integrate and communicate with major VRV / VRF and Split HVAC systems from companies like: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, LG and others, optimizing the installation process by eliminating the need to set up complex communication protocols. Additional information on the CoolMasterNet’s IP Driver can be found on ELAN’s Integration Note.
This driver from ELAN is a continued effort by CoolAutomation with its Home Automation partners to provide integrators and installers with hassle free seamless integration solutions for the complex, ‘non-trivial’ HVAC Systems to be interfaced with.

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