CoolMasternet Now Compatible with Lifedomus Software

CoolAutomation ( announces dealers can now easily integrate the CoolMasternet HVAC line of products with Lifedomus Total Control systems for whole-house automation.

CoolAutomation specializes in the development, manufacture, and supply of unique control and gateway solutions for HVAC systems. CoolAutomation’s flagship products, CoolMasterNet and CooLinknet, integrate with VRF and Split HVAC Systems to control and monitor the most essential parameters of air conditioning. These systems provide authorized integrators with a plug and play solution while bringing homeowners both ease of use and the utmost comfort.

“CoolAutomation is glad for the collaboration with Lifedomus that has resulted in compatibility with their product lines,” commented Igor Mitbarg, CoolAutomation founder and CEO. “I am confident that by adding the interface for CoolAutomation’s integration and control solutions, Lifedomus professional installers will find it much easier to connect with HVAC systems, especially the more complex ones like VRF and Split types from leading manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, LG, Samsung and others,” added Igor Mitbarg.

Lifedomus (, the developer of Lifedomus, a leading  Operating System for Home Automation professionals to configure through a dedicated user-friendly software, has completed a free software module with CoolAutomation for the seamless integration with CoolMasterNet, manufactured and supplied by CoolAutomation, to support the control and monitoring of Air Conditioning Systems. Brands such as Nest, Netatmo, Sonos, Marantz, Lutron, Philips HUE, or any other brand, radio Zwave or wired KNX products, are connected using the Lifedomus software like Lego bricks.

“Lifedomus is pleased to bring compatibility with CoolAutomation’s integration solutions to our network of professional dealer companies,” commented Matthieu NORMAND Business Development Manager for Lifedomus. “We anticipate that compatibility with CoolAutomation will increase efficiency and profitability for our international integrators and partners alike.” For more information about the collaboration with CoolAutomation view here.

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