CoolAutomation is happy to announce that we have expanded our solutions to cover Samsung DVM chillers product range.

What is Samsung DVM Chiller?

Samsung DVM chiller is a modular device that combines the benefits of the VRF and water-cooled systems. Can be used in new designs, or as a replacement. Connects to any third-party Fan Coil units through a water piping system. Like a VRF, it modulated its capacity depending on the load demand of various zones, thus saving energy, and improving occupation comfort. Small footprints allow great space reduction during the design process.

Is There Any Additional Equipment Required by Samsung?

CoolAutomation products will connect directly to Samsung DVM chillers. No additional adapters, controllers, gateways would be required from Samsung to make this integration.

What Models of Samsung Chillers Would Be Compatible?

The range of DVM chillers consist of only 2 heat pump modules, 10 and 15 RT, that can be combined into a bigger system, up to 240 RT, combining several modules together.

What Components From CoolAutomation Will I Need?


How Does It Work?

CoolAutomation devices would be connecting to the chillers, same way as we are connecting to the Samsung VRF systems. Once connected, they would be detected as “indoor” units in CoolAutomation operation platforms, and would be available for control and monitoring.

 What Can I Do With It?

  1. Any of the connected Samsung chillers could be easily integrated now into any Home Automation system (e.g Crestron, Lutron, SnapOne, etc’)
  2. Any of those connected Samsung chillers could be easily integrated now into any BMS, implementing our standard Modbus and BACNET interfaces used for the VRF.
  3. Any of those chillers can now be accessed and controlled remotely, using CoolAutomation’s web apps:
  • IOC app – for remote control and monitoring, using any PC/Smartphone/Tablet.
  • Professional app – a dedicated app for Facility management, history and data trending, operational efficiency, energy saving, predictive and preventive maintenance.
*Service data for maintenance is not available yet

What Functionality Will I Gain?

  • Operation status (On/Off) – Read
  • Operation state (Cool/Heat) – Read/Write
  • Water inlet Temperature – Read
  • Water outlet Temperature – Write
  • Water outlet Set Temperature – Read/Write
  • Error code – Read

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