CoolAutomation at ISE 2017

It has been a tradition for our team to attend the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, where all of the industry leaders meet-up for 4 consecutive days, to reveal new products, gather customer feedback and exchange ideas.
Having all of our partners gathered together at the show, we presented a solid prerelease version of a new product. The solution is meant for integrators that are willing to undertake challenging projects, that require know-how in integrating Split HVAC to Home Automation systems. A selected group of our most innovative integrators were given an opportunity to contribute to the development of our solution and install it in the upcoming projects. Sounds intriguing? Let us know!
Stay tuned for more on this topic.
It is no coincidence that we chose to announce our partnership with Mr. Koen Pepermans, taking over representing us in Europe, just before ISE official show opening. Our visit at the show was a great opportunity to meet with our long term partners and customers and personally introduce the parties. Mr. Koen was accepted with great warmth and respect by his colleagues and friends in the industry.
As a part of our ongoing improvement process, we were curious about CoolMasterNet performance. The stability and flexibility of this solution was praised by all. Many of our customers and partners strongly believe in our products and wish to learn more about the application and functional capabilities.
2017 has officially started and we have a lot of exciting and valuable work to do!
Have a great year!

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