Are you looking for an ultimate building management solution that links Daikin VRV Air Conditioning systems? Schneider Electric developed an integration solution between CoolMasterNet and spaceLYnk to help you achieve your energy reduction goals without breaking a sweat! Gateway spaceLYnk by Schneider Electric is the logic controller, which allows a connection of different standards and protocols for home automation and energy metering purposes.

  • KNX TP
  • KNX IP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP   
  • BACnet    
  • EnOcean
  • IP IoT
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • USB
User interface spaceLYnk is a web server application, thus all functions can be controlled and be displayed on local and mobile devices such as tablet PCs or smart phones. Memory function spaceLYnk is able to display measurement of gas, water and electricity and to monitor the consumption on daily, monthly and yearly basis. It stores and analyses data, this allows to identify potential energy savings, thus increasing the Energy Efficiency of a building. Logic controller Advanced logic functions and user application can be programmed in Lua programming language and all is possible in order to provide bespoke solutions. Event controller And finally spaceLYnk acts as an event controller, which sends a notification/message in case of any failure or issue. By connecting building control functions, the device achieves a complete building management solution for small and medium as well as large buildings. CoolMasterNet is a unique communication bridge that seamlessly connects advanced VRF / Split Air Conditioning Systems and home automation / Building Management Systems (BMS). Combined together, the devices will allow you, building energy and automation manager, to receive a centralized solution that reduces energy & maintenance costs while increasing comfort & flexibility. Want to connect spaceLYnk to other HVAC brands? Contact us now!

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