We are happy to announce a new integration of our CoolMasterNet to Levitons’ BitWise AV controllers. The controllers are designed for customizable control of sub-systems within home theaters, retail, restaurants, boardrooms, classrooms, houses of worship, and much more. Thanks to the new driver you can create custom interfaces for OmniTouch 7, iOS, & Android devices, ensuring complete end-user satisfaction and connect the whole range of VRF, Splits, and Multi-Split systems, manufactured by Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG etc. To see a full list click here. A new 2-way driver was developed thanks to significant efforts of our partner in Taiwan, INNOVATED INTEGRATION CO., LTD, under a personal supervision of Mr. Charles Lai to assure full integration with the HVAC systems. To download a Fahrenheit version please click here. For a Celsius version - click here. We feel grateful for having such a unique partnership and welcome others to join our continuous effort improving our solutions.

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