All VRF Support, All Year Round

hvac_all_vrf_seasonalTo help you do better next year, we are happy to announce that ALL VRF class HVAC can be connected to Home Automation or Building Management Systems (BMS) with our CoolMasterNet (with full list of supported HVAC)! You have one solution for all VRF control and connectivity projects. Will it help you do better next year?
We think YES!
HVAC systems have evolved into a complex multi-functional systems. Alongside, the demand for Smart Home control and connected home appliances is growing at an increasing rate. Our customers expect to control everything from one single control platform, driving you, installer and integrator to be creative.
Having trouble connecting and controlling VRF? No more!
To connect the two, you need a CoolMasterNet – a universal HVAC bridge, that connects all VRF brands. By integrating the device you get a simple installation and 2-way bridging between the systems. Simple and Smart.
Not planning to install Smart Home but wish to have a Smarter HVAC VRF at home and save on energy expenses?
Great! Connect your HVAC with CoolMasterNet to CoolRemote, our control App, and have a real-time feedback and control over your HVAC system from anywhere!
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