Daikin VRV HVAC Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS)


When to apply non-BACnet solutions to integrate Daikin VRV HVAC with Building Management Systems?

The Multi-brand HVAC Integration Challenge

Integrating Daikin VRV to building management systems seems like a no brainer. Many of the VRF HVAC manufacturers provide an open protocol leaning on a third party gateway, and most challenges arise just when you need support. Daikin offers the same integration method, applying a gateway. Sounds great!

Until you have multiple HVAC brands installed on-site.  How do you overcome the problem if you have to apply integration to all the units, regardless of the brand? You need multiple gateways for every brand and to set up the logics for all units, grouped by brands. Searching for the brand designed solutions will lead you to the ultimate challenge - working with an unfamiliar protocol that is rarely designed to help a BMS savvy professional with no time on his hands.

Your solution for Daikin VRV and other VRF HVAC integration projects

A group of tech entrepreneurs recognized this issue a while ago and developed a solution to solve this specific problem. With simplicity and cost-efficacy in mind, a small device was developed - CoolMasterNet.

The device allows all Building Management Integrators to connect the VRV and VRF HVAC with any standard building control system, using open built-in protocols. This saves time searching for a third-party device and setting up a configuration using unfamiliar protocols and gateways. The integration process of all connected HVC brands is the same regardless of the connected HVACs. CoolMasterNet net will unify the integration process of all connected systems, regardless of the brand. Moreover, instead of repeating the setup of the BMS to multiple gateways, a single set up for CoolMasteNet will apply to all connected systems.


How does the solution work?

The most important capability of the device is its ability to convert the native protocols of all VRF/VRV manufacturers into an open protocol (BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, KNX). You will only need one device with multi-brand support for all systems containing up to 256 indoor units. (Note, some of the manufacturers limit the number of indoor units per communication line, so CoolMasterNet keeps this limitation.)

The conversion applies full bi-directional control and keeps all functionality that was designed within the HVAC: modes, setpoint, temperatures, errors, etc. You can apply the same rules you define once you set them up.

Using one device allows you to have a budget fallback, in case you were unaware of the multi-brand HVACs on-site. Having a single CoolMasterNet in stock will allow you to respond quickly on-site, by configuring it to the needed brand/brands. You don’t need costly multiple devices and you won’t need to report on an additional budget to be approved and your process prolonged. Save your priceless time and your customer’s money. Now you’re truly bulletproof. Well, maybe not, but close enough... 

There’s more: 

  • CoolMasterNet is your fallback as a local control device. Using the touchscreen, you have full control over every single indoor unit connected.
  • With basic to no set-up in the field, when connecting the VRV/VRF bus, CoolMasterNet will automatically recognize all connected units, display them in seconds, and allow full control of each indoor unit by its unique address.
  • When you get to the desired commissioning process, you can check the system function using CoolMasterNet and our Control app. The device comes with an application suite and the Control App displays live all unit status. Thankfully, the days when you had to run up to the 20th floor when the elevators weren’t working are now over. 
  • Support of DHCP and static IP, changeable from the touchscreen.
  • Support of split/multi-split units (by multiple brands), with the additional CoolPlug device connected to indoor in the same project with VRV/VRF installation.
  • CoolAutomation remote support for each of the CoolMasterNets connected to the internet.


What to do next?

It’s simple. Simply share the HVAC System components with us and we will design the ideal solution for you.

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