Lutron myRoom Palladiom & VRF for Hospitality – The HVAC Basics

This blog tells you everything you need to know about myRoom Palladiom for Hospitality: what it is, why use it together with a VRF control system in hospitality, and how to integrate both systems successfully.

What is Lutron myRoom?

Lutron myRoom is a family of guestroom systems for light, temperature, and shade control. Each system can be tailored to specific performance and budget requirements. All myRoom systems offer beautifully designed, energy-efficient, affordable control options.

Why use myRoom Palladiom as a control system in Hospitality?

Lutron myRoom Palladiom provides an integrated approach for lighting, shades, and air conditioning. Among its advantages are elegant and intuitive design, energy savings, and reduced costs. It also has integration capabilities with BMS, PMS, a concierge system, and it can work independently of other hotel systems.

Why use VRF in hospitality?

There are many reasons for using VRF in hospitality.  The large variety of indoor unit types fits any interior design. The modular, space-saving system design eliminates the need for mechanical rooms and bulky equipment on hotel roofs. Thin and flexible refrigerant piping saves the need for bigger shafts for all the necessary piping/ductwork. Precise temperature control and low air volume create comfortable conditions for every guest. The built-in control network makes it possible to integrate with all other hotel systems without the need for an additional 3rd party control system. And finally, the modular system means easier service and decreases the number of affected rooms in case of malfunction.

How to make both work efficiently together

myRoom Palladium is integrated with the individual VRF unit in the same room, allowing full control and monitoring of all HVAC functionality, using CoolPlug gateway.  CoolPlug is a small device that natively connects to the indoor unit on one side, and to the myRoom Palladium on the other.

The installation process is very straightforward, due to the huge background work that has been done by both companies (Lutron and CoolAutomation), in order to bring the solution to the Plug&Play level, when it comes down to field installation.  This cooperation not only makes the installation process simple, but it also makes the solution solid and stable, due to the process verification procedures made by both sides.

Installation in just 4 steps

  1. Check HVAC compatibility and select the right CoolPlug model. This can either be done through our website or by contacting us directly
  2. Once the right CoolPlug is selected, connect it to the VRF indoor unit (use our installation guide of the CoolPlug for different brands)
  3. Wire the CoolPlug to Lutron Palladium


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