This webinar was held on Thursday | November 10th | 1:00 PM (EST)

HVAC systems account for ~70% of a building’s energy consumption. With new energy-saving regulations, optimizing HVAC energy consumption would be a first step toward addressing these regulatory requirements and reducing buildings’ energy costs. Advanced tools for continuous monitoring and control of the HVAC systems become mandatory.

In this webinar, we’ll share how CoolAutomation’s cloud-based solutions will enable you to:

  • Be on top of your HVAC system’s energy consumption.
  • Fully control each unit’s operation status and restrictions.
  • Easily control and manage multi brand, multi-location operations.
  • Address regulation compliance needs.

This webinar is intended for facility managers, energy managers, building owners, and HVAC service providers who are looking to reduce energy costs and optimize HVAC operations utilizing cutting-edge, remote, digital tools.

Ben Shipley
VP of North America Sales