The webinar took place on February 23, 2023.

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Running HVAC systems in any retail business is directly affected by the soaring energy prices and the increasing regulations to cut energy consumption. Many sites are moving to Heat Pump VRF/VRV and split systems, to achieve energy efficiency. This brings a strong need for tools to centrally and optimally control and manage these advanced systems, across multiple sites and various brands.

In this webinar, we showed how CoolAutomation’s Cloud-Based solutions can enable you to:

  • Easily manage all of your points of sale regionally or nationally.
  • Address energy policies and regulations.
  • Be in full control of each site’s HVAC operation.
  • Save energy and continuously monitor your HVAC operation.
  • Be in full control of each site’s HVAC operation.
  • Easily control and manage multi-brand, multi-location operations.

This webinar is dedicated to retailers, facility managers, energy managers, and HVAC service providers who are looking for a centralized way to manage, optimize and service HVAC operations all in one place.

Stay Cool,
The CoolAutomation Team

Daniel Perelle
EMEA Business Development Manager
Ben Shipley
VP North America Sales