This webinar was held at May 18th,2023.

As energy costs continue to escalate and guest comfort remains a top priority, it is imperative for professionals in the hospitality industry to adopt effective HVAC management tools.

With CoolAutomation’s solutions, you can improve HVAC energy efficiency and enhance guest comfort in the hospitality industry.

Learn how CoolAutomation’s smart solutions designed to optimize HVAC energy efficiency, lower energy costs, and improve guest comfort in the hospitality industry.

By attending the webinar, you will acquire valuable knowledge such as:

  • Ways to on optimizing energy consumption in your hospitality business.
  • How to address regulatory obligations while ensuring maximum guest comfort.
  • Ways to use predictive maintenance tools to increase occupancy rates.
  • Practical advice for staying ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving hospitality industry.

This webinar is intended for hospitality business owners, facility managers, energy managers,
hotel managers and HVAC service providers who are looking to optimize HVAC operations with cutting-edge, remote, digital capabilities.

Stay Cool,
The CoolAutomation Team