Multi-Purpose I/0 Controller

With this universal I/O home automation controller you can merge your climate components into a unified climate system, by connecting multiple sensors of various types, like temperature, humidity, CO2, presence, and system status (dry contact).

Connect these sensors to the Home Automation Controller, Building BMS Systems and Cloud Applications – simply by installing the Multi- purpose I/O Controller (GS-SMT-IO).
How it works

Main Functions

  • Control ON/OFF systems – Fans, Pumps,
    Blowers, Lights
  • Get System/Fault status over dry contact
  • Monitor sensors with standard control signals
  • Each I/O point is separately displayed in Cloud Apps

Technical information

  • 8 Universal Inputs.Each can be set as either:
    · 10K Temp Sensor
    · 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA (with resistor)
    · Digital inputs
    · 10 relay Outputs- Volt Free- NO/NC
    · 2 Analog outputs 0-10Vdc
    · Power Input: 24Vdc, 0.5A
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