Connect Nest Thermostat to VRF, Multi-split, Split HVAC

You can now easily control VRV/VRF, Split, Multi-Split HVAC Systems with Nest thermostat via CoolAutomation’s HVAC gateway devices such as CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet.

Step-by-step guide on how to connect your Nest account with CoolRemote

1.Install Nest thermostat & Register with Nest Account 

➤ Install Nest Thermostat and connect with your Nest account.

➤ Set up your Nest account — Required for step #5

➤ Follow the instructions included with the Nest Thermostat.


Nest Thermostat needs to have the following Cool (Y1) / Heat (W1) wires plugged into, without any real HVAC equipment connected to the thermostat.

Y1Cool mode
W1Heat mode
CCommon Wire 24V AC
RhPower 24V AC

2.Install CoolMasterNet or CooLinkNet 

Follow the instructions provided in quick start guide.

3.Connect the CoolMasterNet/CooLinkNet to the Internet

Check the cloud icon if it’s connected. (Bottom right corner)

4.Registering new “Cool” HVAC Gateway device for the first time.

➤ Make sure the Cool Device is connected to the Internet, for the registration to work.

  1. Locate the Sticker with the Product SN and Code.

    NOTE: the Sticker is located on the device back.

  2. Scan the QR code from the type label To auto fill-in all the CoolMasterNet details for the CoolRemote App.INFOCan’t Scan the QR? Just manually type in the MAC/SN and PIN from the sticker, into the registration fields.
  3. Register your CoolRemote account and your HVAC Gateway device such as CoolMasternetCooLinkNet.

5.Register CoolMasterNet (for New Users only)

➤ Make sure CoolMasterNet is connected to the Internet

➤ Go to

➤ Register your CoolRemote account and the device.

6. Link User Accounts

With your CoolRemote account, you can link your CoolMasterNet, CooLinkNet products with your Nest Thermostat to connect to various HVAC systems such as VRFs, Splits and Multi-Splits.

To do this you first need to link the the accounts:

In the CoolRemote app:

➤ Go to Settings

➤ From the Unit menu select any Indoor Unit

➤ Open Nest Thermostats section

➤ Click Connect with Nest

You will now be redirected to Nest authentication page to login and approve the Nest permissions

7. Approve Nest Permissions (Works with Nest)

➤ Please Sign in into your Nest account

➤ Click the blue “ACCEPT” button in your Nest account, Works with Nest Permissions screen.

Accepting the permissions, grants CoolRemote App permission to access your Nest Thermostat data.

You will now be redirected back to the CoolRemote App, with a notification on thermostats connected.

8. Link (Pair) Nest thermostat with the (HVAC) indoor unit

To link the thermostat with the indoor unit In the CoolRemote app, only one Thermostat is allowed to control the Indoor unit:

➤ Go to Settings

➤ From the Unit menu select any Indoor Unit

➤ Open Nest Thermostats section

(If Nest account is Connected you should see a list of thermostats from your Nest Account.)

➤ Click the Nest thermostat Switch button to select

➤ Click Save to create the link

Unlink thermostat from the indoor unit

➤ To unlink the thermostat click the switch button again

➤ Click Save to unlink


  • Nest thermostat Mode and temperature limits capabilities are not yet synced.
  • Nest structure and thermostat metadata are not yet synced.

After linking the Thermostat to the Indoor, the unit Setpoint (Target temperature), HVAC mode, and power state will be auto synced from the Nest thermostat.

 Disconnect Nest User Account

To disconnect Nest user account from CoolRemote

In the CoolRemote app:

➤  Go to Settings

➤  From the Unit menu select any Indoor Unit

➤  Open Nest Thermostats section

➤  Click Disconnect Nest account

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