Underfloor Heating Controller / GS-SMT-HOA

Control hydronic and electric underfloor heating zones, and connect them to a Home Automation Controller, Building BMS Systems and Cloud Applications.

Merge your climate components into a unified climate system, simply by connecting Underfloor Heating Controller Adapter (GS-SMT-HOA). 

Underfloor Heating Controller
Main Functions
  • Read Zone Temp from an external (included) sensor
  • Each zone is separately displayed/controlled in Cloud Apps
  • 8 separate loops – each with Temp sensor, setpoint, Output
Technical information
  • 8 x 10K Temperature sensors
  • 8 Relay Outputs, 5Amp
  • Up to 4 Controllers (total 32 zones) connected with CooLinkBridge
  • Up to 10 Controllers (total 80 zones) connected with CoolMasterNet
  • Power Input: 24Vdc, 0.5A

Datasheet, GS-SMT-HOA
Datasheet, GS-SMT-HOA

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