Service Provision App

Double the Productivity of Your VRF Specialists!

50% of your Senior VRF Engineers’ time is spent on the road or waiting.
With CoolAutomation’s Remote HVAC Solution, your most precious teammate
can diagnose the faulty system remotely, freeing up more time for new customers.


Take Control
of HVAC Service Provisioning

Your cutting-edge Internet of Climate (IoC) solution for HVAC Service Companies and professionals like yourself, providing the ability to remotely and intelligently diagnose, service, and control any HVAC system

Continuous HVAC
system monitoring

Technicians, installers and service professonals can access, diagnose and resolve errors remotely.

Machine Learning
Predictive Maintenance

Smart algorithms monitor specific system parameters enabling predictive maintenance through the detection of technical and operational anomalies.

How Does It Work?

The Remote HVAC Service Solution consists of an intuitive cloud-based application and an IoC (Internet of Climate) enabling edge device - the CloudBox, which easily plugs into any HVAC VRF system. The solution is literally plug-and-play, as it automatically detects the HVAC system and available units and once connected to the cloud, all brand-specific parameters of the connected system will be immediately and continuously collected, analyzed and presented in the application.


Remote Access and Monitoring

Remote Access and Monitoring

Remotely access the HVAC system
from anywhere and analyze data using a friendly interface
Real-Time Alert Notification

Real-Time Alert Notification

Receive instantaneous alerts for errors
and malfunctions
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Take proactive steps to prevent system downtime
Historical Performance Data

Historical Performance Data

Review HVAC system health and
performance data ensuring it is consistently
functioning optimally


Service Provision Solution Documentation

Service Provision Solution

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