Service Provision App

Take Control
of HVAC Service Provision

The Service Provision solution was developed specifically for Service Providers and HVAC Service Professionals to both provide better service for their customers and to improve the efficiency of their own operations. They can save time and resources through remote monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance.

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Continuous HVAC system monitoring

Technicians, installers and service professionals can access, diagnose and resolve errors remotely.



Predictive Maintenance

Smart algorithms monitor specific system parameters enabling predictive maintenance through the detection of technical and operational anomalies.

How Does It Work?

Service Provision solution includes an intuitive application compatible with any platform. The application becomes available through the installation of any CoolAutomation Hardware Device to an HVAC system. The application operates through the CoolRemote Cloud and allows optimization of the service calls handling process through access to real-time data system parameters.


Remote Access and Monitoring

Remote Access and Monitoring

Remotely access the HVAC system
from anywhere
Real-Time Error Alerts

Real-Time Error Alerts

Receive instantaneous alerts for errors
and malfunctions


Connect to the HVAC system to analyze specific data parameters to aid in troubleshooting problems, and optimizing performance.
Historical Performance Data

Historical Performance Data

Review HVAC system health and
performance data ensuring it is consistently
functioning optimally.


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