Fan Coil Controller / GS-539-FC-230Vac / GS-539-FC-24Vac

Control water-based fan coils, and connect them to a Home Automation Controller, Building BMS Systems and Cloud Applications.

Merge your climate components into a unified climate system, simply by connecting the Fan Coil Controller (GS-539-FC-230Vac / GS-539-FC-24Vac).

Fan Coil
Main Functions
  • Each unit is separately displayed/controlled in Cloud Apps
  • Control voltage options
    • 24Vac (GS-539-FC-24Vac)
    • 230Vac (GS-539-FC-230Vac)
Technical information
  • Up to 10 Controllers connected with CooLinkBridge
  • Up to 48 Controllers connected with CoolMasterNet port

Datasheet, GS539FC-24Vac
Datasheet, GS539FC-24Vac
Datasheet, GS539FC-230Vac
Datasheet, GS539FC-230Vac

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