CoolEx – Modbus RTU adapter

Versatile MODBUS RTU IO Extender and adapter for Modbus RTU (RS485) intergation with Home Automation systems and custom applications

Product Description

CoolEx is a Modbus RTU IO adapter with analog, digital and PWM inputs and outputs. CoolEx can be used in conjunction with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or any other Modbus master that requires some extra I/O or special IO functionality. CoolEx is controlled by master by means of standard Modbus requests defined in “Modbus Application Protocol Specification“. CoolEx physical connection to MODBUS is Two-wire EIA/TIA-485 standard interface recommended by “Modbus over Serial Line Specification and Implementation Guide”. A number of CoolEx devices can be connected to single 2W-bus. To utilize CoolEx with TCP/IP Modbus master over Ethernet network MODBUS 485RTU/TCP Gateway can be used.

Versatile I/O Extender for Modbus RTU Home Automation systems

  • Full compliance with Modbus RTU Specification
  • Six variable 0-10V Analog Outputs
  • Six Frequency and Duty Cycle configurable PWM’s
  • Connection to VRV/VRF Air Conditioning System Line
  • Customizable for specific user applications

 MODBUS RTU IO extender adapter connectivity Diagram


Product Feature

Six independent variable analog outputs with 0-10V output range

Output Voltage is determined by corresponding holding register. Output current is up to 40mA. Analog output can be directly connected to voltage controlled device like Fan Drive, Pump Drive, Torque Drive, FRG, Voltage to Frequency converter and so on.

Product Feature

Six PWM Outputs with variable frequency and duty cycle

Frequency and duty cycle controlled independently for each PWM Output via corresponding holding registers.

Product Feature

Digital Inputs and Outputs with 5V or 12V logic one level

Can be connected to Dry Contacts, Dampers, Valves, Pumps, etc…

Product Feature

Fully compliant with MODBUS RTU Specifications

Product Feature

Connectivity to Air Conditioning (AC) System Line

For special custom applications CoolEx can be connected to VRV/VRF Air Conditioning System Line to provide basic AC control and monitoring functions.

Product Feature

Field upgradable and customisable

Firmware (FW) can be fully upgraded by customer without any need to open unit or send it to manufacturer. Upon request CoolAutomation can develop and provide unique customised FW to suite specific end user requirements.

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