ControlPad – smart HVAC controller

Smart touch screen control panel for home automation purposes

Product Description

Smart HVAC controller for home automation

ControlPad is a smart controller for home automation purposes. Its flush mounted design is fully compatible with a large number of  Bticino and Gewiss 3 modules in wall boxes and decorative plastic covers, which makes it flexible and attractive for any interior design. ControlPad smart controller incorporates 6 touch zones with selectable icons – each operating different home control functions: lighting, curtains, etc.

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ControlPad IO Interfaces

IO Interfaces

ControlPad is equipped with several selectable IO’s that can be programmed and configured. ControlPad smart controller supports: Digital IO’s, 0 -10v Analog IO’s, PWM for dimming and relay applications.

ControlPad Communication Interface

Communication Interface

ControlPad is fully controllable over RS485 network using standard ModBus RTU protocol or propitiatory ASCII interface. In the future ControlPad will be compatible with C-Bus, Lon and EIB networks.

ControlPad Icons


ControlPad is divided into 6 Touch screen zones, each zone represented by icon that can be chosen or designed by the customer. Icons can also be animated in order to show some continuous actions.

ControlPad Power Supply

Power Supply

The power supply required to ControlPad is 12v DC. The future version will be designed for operation with 220v AC, including some internal relays for operating the devices directly (lighting, curtains, etc’).


ControlPad Wiring table

      • Outdoor Unit Types

        VRV Outdoors

        • RXYQ-M/P (VRV II,VRV III)
        • RXYQ (VRV-IV)
        • RQYQ-P, RQCEQ (RQEQ) , RYYQ-T (RYMQ), (VRV4)
        • RQZQ-ABYN
        • RXYK (VRV)
        • RXYSQ-M/P (VRV Small)
        • RXYSCQ
        • RHXY
        • RHXYQ
        • RXY-M
        • RWEYQ
        • REYQ (REMQ), REYHQ
        • REAQ
        • RXYCQ-A
        • RQQ
        • RXYQ-T
        • RXTQ
        • RPZQ
        • RZYQ-PY

        Split / Multi Split / SkyAir Outdoors

        • RXN (RKN)
        • RXS
        • RXG
        • 2MX, 3MX, 4MX, 5MX
        • RMX,
        • RZQ (RZR)
        • RQ

        Indoor Unit Types

        VRV Indoors

        • FJEKP
        • FXCQ
        • FXNQ
        • FXLQ
        • FXFQ
        • FXKQ
        • FXZQ
        • FXDQ
        • FXDYQ
        • FXSQ
        • FXAQ
        • FXUQ
        • FXMQ
        • FXHQ
        • FXTQ
        • FQDP
        • FQRP
        • FQSP
        • FZFP
        • FZSP
        • VKM
        • FXDp
        • FDYQN

        Split / Multi Split / SkyAir indoors*

        • FTX
        • FDX
        • CDX
        • CTX
        • FVX
        • FFQ
        • FAQ
        • FBQ
        • FCQ
        • FHQ
        • FTQ
        • FDQ

        Multi, Split and SkyAir systems will also be compatible when using D3 Net interfaces (KRP928 or DTA112)

        * if your required models are not listed, please contact us.

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