ACR Latinoamérica publishes an article by Roy Muchtar, CoolAutomation’s VP Products

An article by Roy Muchtar, CoolAutomation’s VP Products, has been published in the ACR Latinoamérica magazine, volume 24, issue 6.

Spanish Article, Roy Muchtar

The article, "Siete preguntas sobre el monitoreo remoto de HVAC" (“7 Questions About Remote HVAC Monitoring”), explains how Remote Monitoring has become a powerful tool that can be utilized in order to optimize your HVAC service - and your clients' HVAC performance.


From reducing the number of on-site visits, increasing the productivity of your VRF specialists, supplying continuous remote monitoring to your clients, to diagnosing and solving HVAC issues remotely, and more.

This article answers some of the most urgent questions on the topic, and you’re invited to read it in Spanish - or read the English version on our blog.

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