Yanmar VRF HVAC Works with Home Automation, BMS and CoolRemote App

New compatibility announcement: Yanmar VRF HVAC is now compatible with CoolAutomation solutions.
Yanmar is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer, with a wide range of applications, including climate control systems. The company’s’ vision is to create products for a sustainable future, allowing comfort and high air quality. Hence, it is only natural that Yanmar HVAC is compatible with CoolAutomation products, that stands for energy saving and connectivity.
From now on, Yanmar Gas Powered VRF systems can operate on both Daikin and Hitachi communication protocols depending on the brand of indoor units connected. Gas powered VRF systems are more common in commercial HVAC installations. The CoolMasterNet (LCMS net) provides Yanmar with a universal central controller that can integrate with both protocols and allows BACnet and Modbus connectivity to the Building Management Systems.
This means:

  1.  Building Management integrators can use CoolMasterNet to connect the Yanmar VRF HVAC to Building Management system, using a single controller to 128 indoor units, combining both brands.
  2. Home Automation integrators can connect Yanmar VRF, using CoolAutomation solutions.
  3. End users and HVAC installers can remotely access the system using CoolAutomation HVAC application – CoolRemote.

Next time you encounter a VRF HVAC by Yanmar, you know now that all you need is a CoolAutomation solution.
For more detailed information on compatibility – contact us.

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