The new, updated Crestron driver (version 2.1) has been uploaded into the Application Market.

Now, the updated driver contains:

  1. Improved compatibility with 4-th generation of Crestron controllers
  2. Improved algorithm for projects with larger number of indoor units
  3. Improved help file for the use of the driver
This module controls the CoolMaster series thermostats and CoreModule via Ethernet, and is compatible with CoolMasterNet, CooLinkHub, and CooLinkBridge.


Crestron integration with VRF/VRV or Split HVAC is not a trivial task. As surprising as it sounds, not every HVAC system is designed to work with Home Automation systems by the snap of your fingers.

VRF/VRV or Split HVACs’ communication and control is nothing like traditional Unitary HVAC. While the latter rely on a 24v thermostat, VRF/VRV or Split HVACs use proprietary, protocol-based communication. This means that they’re using a closed-loop communication, which is mostly inaccessible for anyone but the manufacturer.

Your goal as an integrator is to access this communication system and make Crestron devices be a part of it and control the indoor units of the HVAC.

New Creston Driver, September 2021


Crestron Home is a smart home technology system that allows you to integrate all your devices and systems work together - through a single app on your phone or tablet.

The concept of comfort inherently includes indoor climate optimization. And in many cases, the homeowners that invest in Crestron Home are more likely to invest in the advanced VRF HVACs.

Which VRF HVAC systems can be connected?

You can integrate all leading VRF HVAC leading brands. Check out the list here:
CoolMasterNet HVAC compatible brands
AUX Hitachi Panasonic
Blue Star Intensity Samsung
Chigo Kentatsu Sanyo
Daikin LG Toshiba
Fujitsu Midea Trane
Gree Mitsubishi Electric York
Haier Mitsubishi Heavy

Do you have any integration questions? Perhaps a technical inquiry?

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