Spotlighting the Stars of CoolAutomation: Michael Teixeira

The Newest Addition to the CoolAutomation Team: Michael Teixeira

Michael has a passion and fascination for both the technologies and engineering that fuels the HVAC industry.

Even before graduating from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Michael had already been both an HVAC project manager for 2 different companies, and an HVAC Equipment Product Specialist.

In his off-time, Michael loves to spend outdoors with his dogs, playing golf, or hiking, and he is currently working on earning his MBA. Alongside his enthusiasm for the HVAC industry, Michael also dreams of one day expanding his love for the outdoors and animals by creating an animal rescue so that he can use his downtime to make an impact on the greater community through the caring for, and rehabilitation of, injured and abandoned animals.

Michael joins CoolAutomation as our North American Sales Engineer with over 17 years of HVAC industry experience, including time spent running and managing his own HVAC business. 

If you live in North America and would like to speak with Michael regarding any of CoolAutomation’s products, services, applications, or anything else his email address is:

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