KNX Support on CoolAutomation’s Integration and Control Solutions

We are happy to announce the support of a fully configurable bidirectional KNX communication capability on CooLMasterNet and CooLinkNet for a seamless integration with Home Automation / BMS controllers that incorporate and provide a KNX interface.
Home Automation and BMS controllers incorporating KNX interface and connected via CoolMasterNet or CooLinknet will be capable of controlling and monitoring most essential parameters of VRV / VRF and Splits HVACs. e.g. ON/OFF, Set Point Temperature, Modes, Fans and more. Main advantages are as follows:

  • Fully compatible with KNX specifications.
  • Nearly unlimited number of supported group addresses.
  • Full HVAC system control and monitoring via Read and Write KNX communication objects related to specific Indoor units.
  • Configuration of CoolAutomation KNX enabled devices is made especially easy and without the need to use ETS tool.

For additional technical information about KNX support with CoolAutomation’s integration and control solutions please read the KNX Manual or contact us at

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