HVAC interfacePoint: Vantage system HVAC integration bridge

HVAC InterfacePoint: An easy to integrate bridge between the Vantage system and the Air conditioning system
CoolMaster-Vantage Diagram
We are excited to announce that the Vantage HVAC interfacePoint is now available.
The interface is a versatile bridge between the Vantage Infusion system & HVAC systems. 4 models are available (Daikin, Sanyo, Toshiba and Mitsubishi).
Thanks to the HVAC interfacepoint the homeowner can fully control the temperature in and around the house. ON/OFF control, cool, heat, fan dry mode selection, set temperature control, fan speed control, swing control(for wallmount and cassette indoor units), filter reset sign, group operations(all on/all off), failure alarms… and this from any Vantage user interface; keypad, touchscreen, timers, sensors.
The simple and intuitive interface provides control and feedback to any Vantage touchscreen.
Vantage HVAC touch screem
The HVAC interfacepoint is available in 4 different models
1. HVAC-ID Vantage interfacePoint for Daikin VRV systems
2. HVAC-IS Vantage interfacePoint for Sanyo VRF systems
3. HVAC-IT Vantage interfacePoint for Toshiba VRF systems
4. HVAC-IM Vantage interfacePoint for Mitsubishi VRF systems
The HVAC interfacePoint is available in dinrail mounting and will be delivered with the adapted power plug.
The Vantage HVAC InterfacePoint makes it easy to integrate HVAC systems in the Vantage InFusion System. 4 different hardware devices are available: HVAC-ID (for Daikin), HVAC-IS (for Sanyo), HVAC-IT (for Toshiba), HVAC-IM (for Mitsubishi), HVAC-HI ( for Hitachi) , HVAC-IF (for Fujitsu), HVAC-IMH (for Mitsibushi Heavy) but only 1 driver in the Vantage software.
The HVAC Interface System gains full control on indoor units and provides access to the system parameters. It allows homeowners full control with the Vantage System keypads, touchscreens, motion sensors, timers etc. and gives feedback from the actual temperature and setpoints on the TPT touchscreens. It simply connects straight to the HVAC system two wire communication lines and a Vantage RS-232 control port.
Key features:
InterfacePoint to HVAC systems from the following brands :
– Daikin
– Sanyo
– Toshiba
– Mitsubishi
– Hitachi
– Fujitsu
– Mitsubishi Heavy
Full control over: setpoints, cool/heat, power
Feedback from: setpoints, indoor temperature, mode, error code, fan speed, power state
Easily setup in Design center
Connects straight to the HVAC system two wire communication bus
Connects to a Vantage RS232 port

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